Get your Ladybug and start your “Vektorelle” classic match! Move the checkers not just on a two-dimensional flat piece of cardboard, but on an actually growing and floating 3D scenario. Move backwards and forwards, left and right, up and down!

Be careful not to get crossed by another player or you’ll be out of the game! 

Roll the dice, see the colour direction: RED, GREEN or BLUE, or pick a card! If the dice says a colour, just look to see if you have it on the starting cube where your checker is and move. Attach a cube matching the colour…and you just got rid of your first cube! Don’t forget to position the checker on the new cube in the assigned colour too, or you’ll get a penalty cube to add to your pile. The second player rolls the dice and…Hey! It’s a question mark! Pick a card and see what happens. You seem to have got an extra cube to give to the next player! In “Vektorelle” Classic the first player to get rid of all his or her cubes wins. But don’t count on being the lucky one if you have just one cube left; because anything can happen during the match.