May 2021, day TBA, “Racchiudere spazio e numeri in un sorriso”

  • Back to the core, focus on schools and teachers at Ambiente Parco, scientific parc in Brescia, Italy. In-presence encounter focused on the Open Source and immediately-accessible resources for schools and educators. Reservation is mandatory, in observance of the COVID restrictions. The event might be hosted as a webinar depending on the evolving COVID local situation. Language, Italian & English. 

April 17, 2021 “Vektorella, busca l’equilibri” at MonLlibre

  • MACBA CCCB, Barcelona, Spain. At the CCCB theatre, let’s discover how a Vektorella and all her sisters are born. Tales and adventures with Vektorelle. The event is currently confirmed. Language, Catalan only. 


April 18-19, 2020 “Vektorelle, three-dimensional tales” at MonLlibre*

  • CANCELED MACBA CCCB, Barcelona, Spain *The safety of kids and families must come first. This event is due to be canceled or postponed, Vektorelle might not be present at the festival. More information will be available on this page by the beginning of April following the evolving situation.

November 23-24, 2019 “Vektorelle” at DAU-Barcelona

  • BIG DAU, AUTHORS’ CORNER, Barcelona, Spain

October 24-25-26-27, 2019 “Vektorelle” at SPIEL-Essen

October 5-6, 2019 “Vektorelle_Giulia-cc” at