¡VEKTORELLA! the puzzle-game

“¡VEKTORELLA!” is a board game full of color and twists to play with family and friends. What are Vektorellas? They are cute little dots in space. What does it mean? That each of them, each Vektorella, consists of six faces. Only when we get her six faces, a Vektorella can declare itself a “Vektorella!”. Be careful to place the faces in the right sequence and not to get stolen yours! Once completed, the Vektorellas can look for their teammates and team up. The player who completes all his Vektorellas will win.

You can just enjoy the game, or dive into the educational side with the kids. Are the two things related? Yes. Are they necessarily linked? No. You are free to explore. If you just want to have fun, you can stop there. If you want to know more: Under an enjoyable puzzle game for all ages, children inadvertently learn the basic access tools to the Cartesian space. What does it do for them? It helps to prevent fear or rejection of the subject with a smile when further on they will meet it at school.

  • Smart game
  • Useful at home and at school
  • Two game modes: kids and advanced
  • Ages 7 and up
  • A partire dai 7 anni
  • Booklet in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian
  • Pre-sale price, 28,00 Euro

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  Images, Cris Gabarró, INSTAGRAMWEBSITE   What do you support by purchasing the game?
  • You will help the Vektorelle project to grow.
  • You will help to preserve a key component of accessibility, even in licensing
  • You will help the project to be more sustainable as intended by its creators