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What is Vektorelle

Welcome to our blocky revolution

Who play with Vektorelle: kids, grown kids, and adults! Where play withVektorelle: Everywhere, technically even in zero gravity on the International Space Station, our blocks and game parts REALLY stick together, they don't just lay on squared cardboard or in basic grips... Why play Vektorelle: Because Vektorelle really REDEFINES the board-game and the construction-block worlds in three dimensions, for all ages. ... Just in case you feel you’re too adult for pop colors and ladybugs, skip to the middle of this page and discover Vektorelle Soirée4D. Vektorelle is an extended and long-planned project. It's a multi-layered marvel full of surprises with a lot to unfold. So, be patient while reading and take your time. With Vektorelle you can just play and have as much fun as you wish, or you can also explore the educational side with kids, this is a pretty revolutionary one which opens an entire new world of possibilities. Are the two things related? Yes. Necessarily linked? No. You're free to explore one, or both. If you want to j have fun you can stop there and enjoy the Vektorelle games. The rest is up to you and your kids. Children have the beautiful characteristic of quickly becoming curious when intrigued by a toy. Vektorelle is a "Cartesian revolution" in how kids learn about X, Y and Z. How is this possible? Follow us! Everything starts with good, clean design and two simple cubes based on the same Cartesian principles.

What it is going to be launched soon and what is behind the corner

Explore the goals and the stretch goals!

    Discover "Giulia", a free set for visually impaired persons, for their families, educators and schools

    Vektorelle® Giulia: When we realised how easy it is for Vektorelle to help blind kids in understanding Cartesian space and solid geometry it was so mind blowing for us, that we decided right from the beginning to make any further development to this segment available to every kid, educator or family in need, with as few barriers to it as possible. And we’ll be careful to keep those barriers off.

    Available under under Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. (BY) License "by license attribution". See terms and conditions for the usage on the dedicated page:

    Meet our S.T.E.A.M. team

    Hi there! We are Stefano & Eleonora, brother and sister, designer and teacher plus an extended team of advisors and friends: Azadeh PhD engineer from Barcelona, Laura mathematician from Barcelona and Cambridge. We've beautifully melted our knowledge and the S.T.E.A.M. -science, technology, engineering, arts, and math- principles with the essence of the Montessori spirit: "One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child" Maria Montessori. ...We would like to add: children of all ages!


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    Based in Barcelona!

    We will launch Vektorelle from the sunny Barcelona through PURPLEPRINT Creative SL, Fiscal address: Plaza de Urquinahona 11, 08010, Barcelona, Spain. Company established in 2008 and registered under the VAT number ES B64999055* *Temporary off VIES.

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