Moon piñata, expansion set

This expansion set contains:

  • 4 new luminescent kitten checkers
  • 5 new luminescent cubes
  • 10 new luminescent leaves
  • 36 new moon piñata cards featuring ghost kittens, wrestler kittens, and singing kittens
  • Game manual in the following languages: Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
  • 1 Kickstarter exclusive striped ladybug

Vektorelle moon piñata: Run your adorable masked kittens up on the tree. Dim the lights in the room and look at the checkers, the leaves and the new cubes glowing in the dark. Who will be the first kitten to get his piñata? Vektorelle moon piñata is a stretch goal Keep following Vektorelle and help to share the project to unlock this set!

Additional Information

– This is an expansion set for Vektorelle classic, you need Vektorelle classic to play Vektorelle moon piñata
– Certified toy CE, and US ASTM F963 – 17
– Based on colour and logic Vektorelle works universally in any language/country
– Primarily not digital. Based on sensorial, visual, tactile, and spatial perception*
– Certified papers 100% FSC from well-managed forests and certified material sources
– Lots of Vektorelle and Vektorelle BLOCKS worlds are scheduled ahead!
– From 5 years old to all ages
*AR implementations come naturally, are scheduled ahead, but are not primary now