Bees, expansion set

This expansion set contains:

  • 4 new bees checkers
  • 5 new yellow blocks
  • 10 new yellow leaves
  • 33 new bees cards! Featuring hungry bears, wasps, honey cubes and friendly butterflies
  • Game manual in the following languages: Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
  • 1 Kickstarter exclusive striped ladybug

Vektorelle bees: A pack of additional yellow cubes, special cards and cute bees to play on the Vektorelle Classic tree, in a brand-new game. Keep your honey cube safely in your hive and watch out for the bears!

Vektorelle bees is a stretch goal! Keep following Vektorelle and help to share the project to unlock this set!

Additional Information

– This is an expansion set for Vektorelle classic, you need Vektorelle classic to play Vektorelle bees
– Certified toy CE, and US ASTM F963 – 17
– Based on colour and logic Vektorelle works universally in any language/country
– Primarily not digital. Based on sensorial, visual, tactile, and spatial perception*
– Certified papers 100% FSC from well-managed forests and certified material sources
– Lots of Vektorelle and Vektorelle BLOCKS worlds are scheduled ahead!
– From 5 years old to all ages
*AR implementations come naturally, are scheduled ahead, but are not primary now