Play&Learn +5-5, expansion set

This expansion set contains:

  • 30 numerical markers
  • 1 board connector
  • 44 transparent globes (“points” for the 3d grids)
  • 24 silver globes (“points” for the vertices of the solids)
  • 30 transparent short sticks (“segments” for the 3d grids)
  • 24 transparent medium sticks (“segments” for the 3d grids)
  • 15 transparent medium sticks (“segments” for the 3d grids)
  • 12 purple medium sticks (“segments” for the edges of the solids)
  • 10 purple long sticks (“segments” for the edges of the solids)
  • 14 green flexible, short sticks (“curves” for the edges of the solids)
  • 13 green flexible, long sticks (“curves” for the edges of the solids)
  • Instruction and exercises manual in Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
  • 1 Kickstarter exclusive striped ladybug

This is the magic tool for visualizing, in real space with actual objects, what you have been told to learn by looking at flat, two dimensional images on books, boards and screens. Get a physical, tangible representation of a point in space, of algebraic geometry and much more**. At this stage, after infinite matches with ladybugs and multi-colour blocks, kids would love Vektorelle and will know exacxtly how to snap X, Y and Z, in positive and negative directions. So, switching from playing to studying and then vice-versa will be the most natural thing in the world! Create any kind of maths, science and art lesson with Vektorelle **If you’re a teacher/educator and you’re interested in fully understanding the drivers behind the whole Vektorelle project, read our research here ( from June 18th, 2019)

Vektorelle Play&Learn +5-5 is already available in the pledge!

Additional Information

– This is an expansion set for Vektorelle classic, you need Vektorelle classic to use Vektorelle Learn&Play +5-5
– Certified toy CE, and US ASTM F963 – 17
– Based on colour and logic Vektorelle works universally in any language/country
– Primarily not digital. Based on sensorial, visual, tactile, and spatial perception*
– Certified papers 100% FSC from well-managed forests and certified material sources
– Lots of Vektorelle and Vektorelle BLOCKS worlds are scheduled ahead!
– From 5 years old to all ages
*AR implementations come naturally, are scheduled ahead, but are not primary now