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Born green

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> 100% FSC Certified papers 

> Research in bioplastic (biomaterial) alternatives

> Long life-cycle, multifunctional toy

And many other things we can do

This vision has always been with us. Turning itself into an obligation the moment we understood Vektorelle should have been a physical product, long before the great movement started by Greta Thunberg went viral. It is simply a „good design“ approach, our approach

100% FSC Certified papers 
  • Certified: paper sources for packaging, cards, instruction manuals, and booklets are 100% FSC certified, see the website for more information.
  • Pending confirmation: On top of researching for biomaterials, for the plastic components we are still evaluating two options:

     ABS –
     PS –

Research in bioplastic (biomaterial) alternatives

 Since recycling is good but using 100% “bio-compatible” 1 materials is even better, we are constantly evaluating an alternative to this solution by working hard to find a material supplier and manufacturer who will be able to meet our technical and budget needs.

Long life-cycle, multifunctional toy

 The main part of the pollution we produce is also generated by the short life-cycle of a toy. We want a long-life toy that can be reused throughout generations. Vektorelle is not just a fancy new toy. We believe that behind its “pure fun” aspect Vektorelle gives something very relevant in terms of cognitive contents to the child and for kids’ development by enhancing the learning possibilities. Hence, Vektorelle is “good design” and we agreed that it should be produced responsibly. 

And many other things we can do

On development: Adopting trees and carbon emission compensation plan.

Prealps, North of Italy. We, the two creators of Vektorelle, Stefano & Eleonora Vuga, are two siblings who were born in the Alpine foothills where we have deep roots. For us, this issue is not just greenwashing. We are looking for spaces, proper natural environments, and organizations which will guarantee that our “small drop”of reforestation will last, and we know how to make it at a sustainable cost.

   “A tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and can sequester 1 ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old.” One single average box of Vektorelle is + – 5kg of C02. In one year of its lifetime a tree absorbs 21kg of C02 (Accurate charts will be published here if the project succeeds). We can say that a seventy-one tree plantation in a safe alpine area compensates for one thousand Vektorelle boxes. The rest is maths.

   There are two possible paths on which we can have a factual control on the realization of our carbon emission compensation operations: A) Adopting trees, mainly in city parks already providing this option and belonging to the cities where we live. B) Establish a more effective and ambitious plan, carrying out the equation mentioned above. Work with local institutions close to the regions where we live to repopulate indigenous trees in dedicated and safe areas in much larger number instead of just adopting few plants in city parks. Indeed, this is maybe not the friendliest environment to guarantee a long-life expectancy and health of the tree.

You won’t be charged for these operations; the costs are covered by the project’s revenues.

 We want Vektorelle to be born as much green as we can.. 

External references and useful lectures

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